5 Simple habits to adopt for a healthy hair journey

5 Simple habits to adopt for a healthy hair journey

Who doesn't dream of having bouncy and healthy curls? No one does!
While caring for textured hair may seem like a lot of work, it's all about establishing a long-term routine. By adopting these 5 simple habits, your hair will thank you greatly.

1- Trim your ends: A trip to the hairdresser every 3-6 months can only be beneficial. Indeed, the ends give a dry and less voluminous appearance to your hair, cutting them allows a more beautiful aesthetic and a healthy base.

2- Avoid heat as much as possible: It's the worst enemy for your curly hair, the hot air dryer dries and makes your hair brittle.

3- Sleep on satin: We could spend hours talking about the virtues of satin on your hair! Sleeping on satin will limit frizz, knots, greasy hair effect and will allow you to have a radiant hair in the morning.

4- Deep condition weekly: Good hydration is obviously the basis for a healthy mane. Applying a moisturizing mask or treatment once a week will transform your hair.

5- Use CG friendly products: The products you use have the greatest effect on your hair. You must carefully choose natural products with components that do not attack the scalp, This will make a difference in the long term also.

Taking care of your natural hair is a lifestyle. The key is to do it with passion so you never get tired of it, and adopt these tips as a routine. What are you waiting for? You can start now!